Members of the public can now instruct a barrister without going through a solicitor ("direct access"). This can sometimes mean that it works out cheaper if all you need is for a barrister to carry out advocacy or advisory work, or to give you a steer as to how to litigate your case. Thom is qualified to accept direct access instructions and is also authorised to conduct litigation.

In some cases, a solicitor will still be necessary, but it may well be significantly cheaper for you to instruct a barrister directly. You can find out more about what direct access is, how it works, the potential savings for you, and the process involved, by visiting www.9squared.co.uk, 9 Gough Square's dedicated direct access website.

Thom accepts direct access instructions from members of the public in all of his practice areas.  To enquire about instructing Thom in a direct access case, please contact the clerks at 9 Gough Square (Chambers of Andrew Ritchie QC), or fill out the form below.


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