'Counter-Terrorism legislation in the UK after 9/11' - KCL lecture


On 18 February 2019 Thom gave a lecture on ‘Counter-Terrorism legislation in the UK after 9/11’, at King’s College London to students in the Department of War Studies, as part of the MA in Terrorism, Security, and Society.

The lecture examined the historical context to the UK’s counter-terror legislation, before going on to provide an in-depth critical analysis of the various ways in which the law has evolved to meet the changing terrorist threat.

Thom invited to join Advisory Group of the Centre for Criminal Appeals


Thom has accepted an invitation to join the Advisory Group of the Centre for Criminal Appeals.  The Centre is a charity committed to fighting miscarriages of justice and demanding reform in the area of criminal law. 

The Centre works to find cases with merit and high potential impact, and then investigates to uncover fresh evidence to show that a conviction is unsafe, or a sentence is unfair.  The Centre brings cases to the Criminal Cases Review Commission, the Administrative Court, and the Court of Appeal. 

Other Advisory Group members include Simon Ford (producer of the Rough Justice television series), Gareth Peirce (lawyer for Birmingham Six and Guildford Four), and Clive Stafford Smith (attorney, founder of Reprieve).

Thom is instructed frequently to both advise and represent clients in appeals to the High Court and Court of Appeal. Click here for more information as to his appeals practice.